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When Your Teeth are Beyond Saving, Gentle Tooth Extraction is Available

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Tooth Extraction Only When Necessary

While it is never ideal to lose one of your natural teeth, sometimes tooth extraction is necessary to save your oral health as a whole. We will always try and save a natural tooth before resorting to extraction, but when disease or damage has become too severe, there may be no other option. Our extractions are practically painless thanks to local anesthesia —you may simply feel some pressure. Our practice prides itself on our open and honest communication, so you can be confident we are only recommending the procedures you need to be healthy.

Common Concerns that May Require Tooth Extraction

Dental Implants

If you are planning on replacing teeth with dental implants, you may require extraction of failing teeth or teeth that would get in the way of a full-arch replacement.

Periodontal Disease

When periodontal (gum) disease has gone untreated for too long, severe damage to your tooth roots, bone and gums may occur. If too much bone has been lost or a tooth is too badly damaged, we may resort to extraction to save the surrounding area.

Wisdom Teeth

On many occasions, wisdom teeth do not have enough room to grow in properly. This causes them to be impacted or cause surrounding teeth to shift and damage your bite. Wisdom teeth are commonly extracted to prevent damage to your smile.

Retained Baby Teeth

Baby teeth normally fall out on their own, but in some cases, they may block permanent teeth from erupting correctly, be in an improper position, or just not fall out at all. Extraction of baby teeth can prevent problems and damage to permanent teeth as they grow in.


If a tooth is broken or severely damaged, it may be past saving with a crown or other restoration. Extraction of the remaining tooth structure can prevent further damage and prepare your jaw for dental implants.

Socket Preservation Keeps Your Jaw Strong for Dental Implants

After tooth extraction, a small cavity exists where the tooth root once was. Without the stimulation of the root, this bone will begin to recede. This can cause surrounding teeth to shift and make it difficult to have dental implants placed. Dr. Segal offers socket preservation through bone grafting procedures, which fill this small cavity and create a stable foundation for dental implants in the future. With dental implants in place, your smile will no longer be missing the tooth that was extracted and you can continue to enjoy the quality of life you deserve.

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How Wisdom Teeth are Extracted

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Tooth Extraction

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