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An image of a dental patient getting treated for Scaling And Root Planing Procedures.

Who Are Candidates For Scaling And Root Planing Procedures?

Candidates for scaling and root planning in Northbrook, IL have gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. When peo

a transparent full mouth dental implant lower arch model.

Although Every Person’s Smile Is Unique, What Does A Typical Multiple Dental Implant Procedure Look Like?

When people have multiple missing teeth, their daily activities, quality of life, appearance, and even oral health can b

An image of a woman getting treated for gum disease.

Is Gum Disease Preventable?

By taking good care of their gums and teeth, people can ensure their oral health and overall health remain in good shape

An image of Dentist pointing at a jawbone model to a dental patient

By Getting Dental Implants, Can I Avoid Jawbone Resorption?

When people have one or more missing teeth that are left untreated, several issues can affect their oral and even overal

a gum disease patient being checked for periodontal disease by an expert dentist.

Can I Detect Signs And Symptoms Of Gum Disease?

Oral health can have a huge impact on people’s overall health. This is why keeping a clean and healthy mouth is so imp

dental implant prosthetic being placed on dental implant posts.

If I Don’t Get Dental Implants To Replace My Teeth, What Can Happen?

Dealing with one or more missing teeth? For those who have missing teeth, they should consider getting treated with dent

a crown lengthening procedure on a full mouth dental model.

Can A Crown Lengthening Procedure Correct My Gummy Smile?

A smile is one of the most important facial features a person has. It can show happiness, sadness, anger, or any other

a dental implant dentist holding an oversized dental implant model.

The Parts That Compose A Dental Implant And How The Dental Implant Is Placed

Dealing with a less than stellar smile can certainly be a drag and impact a person’s daily quality of life. Fortunate

a titanium dental implant post and crown model.

Dental Implant Posts Can Improve Your Oral Health

Dental implants are composed of a few, but necessary, parts. Dental implants have a dental implant post, an abutment, an

a dental implant dentist milling a full mouth dental implant prosthetic in a dental lab.

Reasons To Get A Temporary Dental Prosthetic

A trusted doctor may recommend people to get dental implants when they have one or more missing or damaged teeth. There

a full mouth model showing the effects of gingivitis.

What Is Gingivits Vs Periodontitis?

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is the most common type of oral health problem. It’s caused when p

a full mouth model showcasing a single tooth extraction.

Why Would I Get Dental Implants After a Tooth Extraction?

Whenever possible, dental professionals try to save existing, natural teeth. However, when a tooth has undergone extensi

Gum Disease Affects More Than Just My Mouth?

Did you know that your oral health has a huge impact on your overall health? This is why keeping a clean healthy mouth o

a dental implant patient enjoying a new smile after restoration treatment.

Who Qualifies For Dental Implants?

For many people, dealing with missing or damaged teeth can be a really hard experience. That is why dental implants in N

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